From the Barre to the Wall,

Santosha offers a little

something for everybody!






Santosha is a welcoming joint Yoga & Pilates Studio based in Richmond NSW.


From the Barre to the Wall, Santosha offers a little something for everybody!


Carmel is a qualified IYTA Diploma Yoga & Holistic Meditation Teacher.


Carmel asks her students to find and face their challenges on the mat, so that they may live life effortlessly. Her classes are challenging, uplifting & fun, focusing on correct alignment, improved core strength & flexibility.


She takes them beyond the physical aspects of yoga and brings them into their own sacred space. Yoga & Holistic Meditation can assist people in their daily lives to manage stress, depression, anxiety & can be helpful in achieving clarity of mind & Santosha Contentment.

Beck brings her passion and 10yrs of experience teaching people how to move to every class.


With a degree in exercise science, extensive Pilates and yoga qualifications she loves combining the best bits from many forms of exercise together to help you get the best result in an awesome group environment.


Beck’s style of teaching means you get the most out of your time at the studio.




Level 1: Gentle & Beginners

Level 2: Intermediate

General: Some experience

Wall Yoga: Intermediate +


Level 1 is suitable during pregnancy.


All Yoga classes involve breath work, guided yoga postures with a focus on alignment, strength, flexibility and a relaxation/meditation. From a gentle beginners class, to an intermediate class with a focus on strength as you work towards more advanced postures and inversions.


General Yoga Class is suitable for students with some Yoga experience.


Yoga Wall & Inversions Class uses 'The Great Yoga Wall' to assist alignment & open the body. The ropes & slings assist in learning inverted postures like headstands. Flip your perspective and hang out on the Yoga Wall.



Stretch the body & soothe the soul with us at Santosha.


Suitable for all levels from Seniors, absolute beginners, non-exercisers & those recovering from injury, illness or surgery. Chair option available. All equipment supplied.


yin yoga


Yin Yoga, suitable for all levels ~ absolute beginners, seniors, non-exercisers and anybody interested in Yoga, not sure where to start.


Yin Yoga can greatly benefit  athletes & sports people, gently stressing the connective tissues, fascia, ligaments & bones, allowing energy to release & move. Yin Yoga can help to improve range of motion, improve flexibility & help prevent reduction in bone density.


Best done whilst the muscles are cool & relaxed, the body is completely supported & the postures are held longer allowing time for greater focus & awareness during Pranayama (breath work) & Meditation.



Start with Pilates Reformer Level 1 anytime, not suitable during pregnancy.


The reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. A Pilates Reformer class is generally more intense than mat work as it adds resistance,  providing arm and leg work for an awesome full body workout.


Pilates includes the corrective stretching and strengthening exercises we all need to overcome our modern lifestyle tight hips, shoulders, back and weak upper back, abdominals and glutes.


The low impact nature of Pilates reformer means it's suitable for nearly everyone, as it is very easy to change an exercise to suit.

cardio pilates


What do you do for cardio? I do pilates faster!!!


All levels welcome. Suitable during pregnancy.


Combines elements of Barre class, bodyweight exercises and cardio rebounding on the reformer to give a full body work out.


Alternate between cardio rebounding on the reformer, standing bodyweight exercises using ballet barre, elastics, pilates balls, sliders.


Absolutely no standing jumping/impact and suitable for all levels.





Includes standing work at the ballet barre and strength/flexibility work on the Pilates Reformer.


Low impact, improves posture & balance, all levels welcome.


pilates matwork


Beginners welcome. Suitable during pregnancy.


Pilates Matwork classes utilise your own body weight to develop long, lean overall body muscle tone.


More flow and variety with the use of small apparatus like fit ball, circle, elastics make it a full body workout.

Improved flexibility, postural correction and core strength including pelvic floor.


The low impact nature of Pilates reformer means it's suitable for nearly everyone, and experienced instructors can easily change exercises to suit individual needs.




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